2018 Charities

Halloween Charity Ball is excited to benefit two wonderful, local non-profit organizations in 2018.




Not Just October was created to expand the knowledge and resources available to breast cancer patients, survivors, and their supporters.  They are dedicated to fostering a culture of encouragement, advocacy, and total support.  Through the promotion of education and community engagement, they hope to improve the awareness around breast cancer and its effect on families around the world.



The Ohio Shakespeare Festival regards the actors, the script, and the audience as the quintessential elements of the theatre. As a professional theatre company, they are dedicated to articulating the inherently theatrical components of Shakespeare and his fellow playwrights throughout the ages in a manner that enables the collected imaginations of the artists to meet the collective imagination of the audience in a public celebration that transforms the world in which we live.


Would you like to be considered to be one of the 2019 Halloween Charity Ball recipients?