Meet the VIP Band: Roxxymoron

Witches and gentleghouls, we are but a mere two-and-a-half weeks away from the event we’ve all been waiting for. The women in charge have been working so hard to make sure all the details are coming together just right, and it’s paying off. The 16th Annual Halloween Charity Ball is fixing to be one for the books. This leaves just one question: Have you purchased your ticket yet? It’s not too late. If you’re hesitating—asking yourself whether it’s really worth it to have to find a sitter, throw together a costume, and leave the coziness of your comfy home on a cold October night—the answer is yes. It will be totally worth it.

As has been said time and again, when you attend the Halloween Charity Ball, not only do you get to have a fantastic time dancing and partaking of the open bar. You’re also helping make a difference in the lives of many people thanks to the services of the nonprofit organizations benefiting from the event. So just do it.

All right, so maybe you go to purchase your ticket, and you notice there’s a VIP option. There are a few perks to going the VIP route—one of them being that you’ll get to spend the night dancing to the incredible music of Roxxymoron, an Akron-based band it’d be a pity not to know.

Roxxymoron is an eight-piece cover band that immerses itself in the world of rock and pop. It’s been voted “Best Local Band” by Akron Life magazine, which is a distinctive honor in a town with such a vibrant local music scene, and its song list encompasses tunes from a variety of generations.

If you ever have a chance to see Roxxymoron perform (which you can, at HCB!), you might notice a wide range of unique musical instruments being played—the mandolin, cowbell, harmonica, banjo, and flute are all involved, among other instruments and beautifully tight vocals.

The band was founded in 2003, a whopping sixteen years ago, and their music can be found on iTunes. A schedule of upcoming events featuring Roxxymoron can be found on their Facebook page. In the next month or so, they’ll be performing at Jilly’s Music Room, the Highland Square Mustard Seed Market, and—of course—the Halloween Charity Ball’s VIP room. Be sure to be there, and, if you can, give this incredibly talented local band a listen. You won’t regret it.