Halloween Charity Ball 101

By now, you’ve certainly been seeing the fall-themed memes, ticket sale reminders, and giveaways that have been appearing all over our social media pages. And if you’ve been seeing all these things, then you’ve probably already purchased your tickets for the 16th Annual Halloween Charity Ball and are currently spending your weeks anxiously counting down the days until you get to reveal your award-winning costume to the rest of the crowd. If, for some reason, you still haven’t jumped on this spooky wagon yet, let our first official blog post convince you to make the decision once and for all, lest the witchy women planning it decide to put a hex on you.

(Just kidding.)

In all seriousness, we’ve added this blog page to our website in order to publish Halloween Charity Ball hype material twice a week in anticipation of the big event, which, as we know, is on October 25 this year. We’re going to make sure everyone is aware not only of what the Halloween Charity Ball is, but also of what our charities and sponsors are all about; what entertainment you can look forward to; and ideas for costumes, cocktails, and other fall-themed goodies to get you in the charitable Halloween spirit. We’re very excited.

So. A little bit of basic information about the Halloween Charity Ball:

Co-founded in 2003 by Samantha Coldwell, Getta Kutuchief, and Krista Beddell (with Jessica Goldbourn recently joining the team), the goal of the Halloween Charity Ball is to raise funds for local charities and organizations. We are dedicated to providing for the needs of local non-profit organizations that serve the community, and we are proudly the largest charitable Halloween event that takes place in Akron. Each year, we select two non-profit organizations to receive the funds we raise. This year, we will be supporting the Blick Center, whose efforts aim to enhance the lives of both children and adults with a variety of physical, mental, behavioral, and developmental conditions; and Summit Liberty House, which serves female veterans and their children, particularly through housing and other specialized resources.

The event truly takes place for an important cause—and furthermore, it’s simply fun.

It will be held at the beautiful, luxurious Tangier, which is the perfect Akron venue for a ball regardless of the holiday, and yes, there will be an open bar, heavy appetizers, music by local band Roxymoron and a DJ for a crazy dance party, and an epic costume contest. (If you haven’t seen the pictures from costume contests of the past here on our website, you should check them out immediately and start planning your attire for this year. The grand prize: five hundred dollars.)

Currently, we’re working on putting into place a student discount on tickets, so definitely stay tuned for more information on that to come soon. And on that note, be sure to purchase tickets as soon as possible from our Eventbrite page. It’s going to be such a fun, meaningful, spooky event, and we look forward to seeing you there.

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