Meet Our Nonprofits: The Blick Center

Welcome back, and happy Friday! Hopefully everyone has had a great week and is looking forward to another weekend. There are exactly six weeks left until the biggest Halloween event in Akron, which means you have exactly six weeks to purchase your ticket, dream up your costume, and find a babysitter for the little ones. The next six weeks are also perfect for taking the time to get to know the venue, sponsors, musical features, and—most importantly—organizations affected by the Halloween Charity Ball.

You may already be aware that, each year, we select two nonprofits to benefit from the funds raised at the Halloween Charity Ball, and this year, we’ve chosen the Blick Center and Summit Liberty House. These next two blog posts will provide a closer look at these organizations who do so much important work for the greater Akron community.

Known previously as the Blick Clinic, the Blick Center has been serving the community for over fifty years, operating at six locations in Summit County. The Blick Center is committed to a noble cause—that is, offering a variety of services for children and adults alike who suffer from behavioral, developmental, physical, and mental conditions.

They provide so many useful services to the community, including but not limited to the following:

  • Day programs aimed at helping adults find opportunities for volunteerism, employment, mental health treatment, and more

  • Occupational and physical therapy, as well as speech and language services

  • Medical, nursing, and psychiatric services for those who qualify

  • Guidance in the realm of personal money management

  • Counseling and therapy by licensed practitioners for mental and behavioral health issues

  • Residential homes, which give those benefiting from the service the chance to live in a home that features assistance based on individual needs, as well as access to transportation to support community involvement.

This is an impressive range of services and resources, making them important in supporting and assisting those with disabilities in Summit County. To give you an idea of just how far the Blick Center’s services have reached so far, they have currently served over one thousand individuals through the meaningful work of 360 employees and a dedicated management team. To this date, they also operate twenty-three residential homes.

In all the work carried out by the Blick Center, the staff remains committed to helping individuals live better lives according to the organization’s core values—integrity, commitment, and kindness.

The Blick Center is active both in the community and on social media. Follow them on Twitter (@BlickCenter) to stay up to date on their events and activism.

If you head on over to the Blick Center’s website, there is information on how to donate your time and resources to this awesome organization. They accept donations not only of money, but household items and craft supplies, too. However, remember that you can also benefit them simply by remembering to purchase your ticket to the Halloween Charity Ball, showing up on October 25, and enjoying the music and open bar. We can’t wait to see you there.  Stay tuned for a closer look at Summit Liberty House, and have a great weekend!