Meet Our Sponsors: Gavin Scott Salon and Spa

And the countdown continues! Today—that is, if you’re reading this on Friday—there are exactly five weeks left until the night we’re all eagerly awaiting, so be sure to purchase your ticket if you haven’t already. Of course, tickets can also be purchased at the door the night of the event, but, let’s be honest, it can be a little stressful to wait until the last minute sometimes.

Now imagine this: five weeks from now, there you are. You’re on the dance floor in a costume you’ve worked so hard to create, you’re enjoying the flavors of various appetizers on your taste buds, you’ve got your favorite cocktail in your hand, your hair and nails look absolutely amazing, and you’re all zenned-out from a massage you received earlier this morning.

Wait. Hair and nails? A massage?

That’s right. Because in this daydream, you’ve paid a visit to Gavin Scott Salon and Spa.

Gavin Scott, located in Stow, is a salon like no other. Its doors opened in 2008, and since then, it has been a hub of successful, gifted, and creative hair stylists, massage therapists, nail technicians, and estheticians who are dedicated to making their clients feel confident, relaxed, and beautiful.

Kristie Warner and Anne Davis are the two devoted women who own the salon and spa, and their can-do attitudes just might be what has contributed to their business becoming so successful over the past eleven years. This success can be seen in the various awards they have received, including recognition not only related to their stellar services, but also to their commitment to helping the community in philanthropic ways.

Gavin Scott’s website features a page on which each staff member answers a series of questions that allows clients to get to know them and their passions. Co-owner Kristie writes, on this page, that she does what she does because she loves helping the community. She says:

…our team regularly comes together to give hands-on support for organizations like RAHAB, Stand Down for Veterans, Battered Women's Shelter, and the Akron Snow Angels. And our amazing clients join us in providing for local nonprofit organizations—YMCA, Stow Community Foundation, and Faithful Servants Care Center. It’s a humbling honor to help make these things happen.

This year, their philanthropy is extending to the Halloween Charity Ball, too. They are one of the two main sponsors for the event, which demonstrates their commitment to making the greater Akron area a more compassionate place.

What’s most impressive about Gavin Scott is that—in addition to being made up of a staff of really good people who care about the community—they also possess extreme talent for doing hair, nails, massage therapy, and more, for men and women alike.

Their salon services include what you might expect—cuts, trims, styling, and coloring—but their enthusiasm and creativity take them to the next level. Their spa services consist of treatments such as facials, skin peels, manicures, pedicures, and a variety of decadent massages. Their website offers details on pricing for these services.

In everything they do, though, the staff at Gavin Scott Salon and Spa is dedicated to the community and client. When you go there, they make sure you feel and know that it’s all about you.

We are so happy and grateful to be sponsored by such an uplifting business, and we hope you’ll get to know them, too.